Like every great story, ours starts with a good idea: “Gourmet chef food can be offered to everyone at an affordable price”. Armed with that idea, we set out to create a restaurant where anyone could feel comfortable and at home.


Our Story

As kids, at our parents’ home, one of our favorite memories is that of going into the kitchen whenever we could smell a meal cooking. We would open all of the pots, and peer into all of the pans, to figure out what new delicacy was being made that day. Not being able to resist the sights and smells, we would create our own “pre-meal” and make a small sample plate to eat until the meal was ready or to deep a fresh slice of white bread into the sauce that was cooking. We loved the familiar tastes, the known smells, and most of all, it connected us to the feeling of warmth and belonging

This familiar feeling is what drove us to create a restaurant. We want everybody to be able to experience their home comfort food, even when they aren’t at home. We created A Tu Bola as a restaurant where we see you, and we see what you need. Just like our parents cooked for us, we want to cook for you.

Our Concept of Food

At A Tu Bola, the food is shaped as a ball. We have meat balls, fish balls, and veggie balls. A ball is the perfect way to blend many ingredients into one cohesive dish.

Rather than having a set list of what you are allowed to order, we instead let you take your own path and choose what ingredients and sides you want. You can have any ball, bread, salad, and side combination. Choose to have the ball fried, baked, crispy, steamy, cauterized, or some combination of these! Each ball is unique and each ball tells a story: yours!

The balls and the seasonal Salads are prepared in our restaurant using fresh local produce. We use local vendors only, and rely on their fresh and tasty products to make our meals. Sauces are also prepared in our restaurant, and serve to complement the balls and create a wonderful, balanced meal.

In A Tu Bola we believe in transparency, all the balls and salads are made in an open kitchen in front of the eyes of the customers.

As kids, we all ate food in balls because it’s easy to eat! Balls are easy to eat at our restaurant or to take home and eat. Every nation in the world has different tasting food, but we all share the shape. It’s our own cultural fusion version of Tapas.

Meet The Chef

Cooking for you at A Tu Bola is our professional chef Shira Ben Shitrit.

Shira Ben Shitrit has loved cooking since she was very young. She has combined this love with inspiration that she gained from her maternal grandmother’s Moroccan style cooking. Together, her love of cooking and her inspiration have fused into a beautiful personal cooking philosophy. Shira’s personal cooking philosophy is to provide meals that have been authentically prepared. She uses fresh and raw ingredients, specific spices, and authentic cooking techniques to deliver wonderful, fresh meals to everyone.

Shira Ben Shitrit

She also draws her inspiration from her daily walks through the market and shops, always looking to see what could make a fantastic meal. Shira’s professional skill and her love of cooking are evident in all of her meals, and will help transform your evening into a culinary experience that you won’t soon forget!

Why Raval?

What makes Raval a great place to spend your time? Raval is an old neighborhood with a delightful mix of cultures. Raval contains old restaurants and new restaurants as well as old architecture and modern architecture. Instead of clashing, the contradictions in architecture and age complement each other, and only make Raval a more attractive place to spend time.

There was once a time when it seemed like Raval’s day had come and gone, when it seemed like no one would want to keep developing in Raval. However, in recent years, more and more people have come to spend time in Raval, and the neighborhood has become increasingly modernized. Now, instead of being a dead neighborhood, numerous modern restaurants and bars have once again made Raval the place to be.

Come spend some time with us in Raval, and experience what we have to offer. The exciting blend of new and old makes Raval a unique cultural hotspot in Barcelona. Raval is an ever-changing neighborhood where the past, present, and future collide in a very special way. To top it all off, we are located mere minutes away from Las Ramblas. Come by our neighborhood, take in the sights and sounds of Raval, and enjoy a nice evening with some great food!